Solving the Packaging Problem...


Solving the packaging problem...

How can your business most effectively market, sell and ship your product? One of the essential components of this process, often overlooked, is smart packaging. When considered equally with product design and production, cost-effective packaging processes improve the bottom line and are meaningful growth drivers for companies that manufacture tangible products.

Vendor selection and management - at each point along the supply chain - is crucial for businesses seeking to achieve meaningful growth in sales margins. Sourcing and working with packaging vendors is a time-consuming chore, especially when your time is better spent on expanding sales opportunities and developing new products. That's where Packaging Innovations can serve as a valuable partner.

Ed Doris, founder of Packaging Innovations, has 25 years of experience in designing and executing innovative packaging solutions at every stage of the product sell cycle:

  • Developing packaging solutions for industrial manufacturer that increase shipping capacity and efficiency, resulting in lower production costs
  • Creating innovative retail packaging that literally sells off the shelves
  • Sourcing packaging materials and implementing logistics strategies for corporate clients that ensure the safe and cost-effective warehousing, shipping and delivery of product.

Today, by virtue of the insights and data we've gathered through years of experience, Packaging Innovations has emerged as a trusted consultant and partner in each of our clients' supply chain management process.