Ed Doris

Ed Doris is a successful entrepreneur driven by a desire to help others and pay it forward in ways that help improve society. Over the last 25 years, he has developed an expertise in packaging solutions for industrial and retail clients throughout the New England and southern Canada regions.

He has used profits from this business, today known as Packaging Innovations LLC, to support a range of social causes. At the same time, Ed has pursued business opportunities in sectors ranging from health and wellness to food and hospitality, including through his company, Innovative Wellness Solutions.

Ultimately, Ed is happiest exploring ways to expand his impact and growing his businesses in ways that enable him to work with clients that share his values and appreciate his positive outlook on life and commitment to treating others with respect. By sticking to his principles, Ed has been rewarded with remarkable business success, a wonderful family, a host of friends and the opportunity every day to impact the lives of others.

Ed has owned and operated Packaging Innovations LLC since 2004, and launched Innovative Wellness Solutions in 2003 to explore related entrepreneurial opportunities.

Previously, Ed was an account representative and managed the New England territory for Innerpac, where he was responsible for interior packaging products and solutions for industrial clients. He began his career in Southern California as an account manager for the Sirod Corporation, which specialized in foam packaging products for local companies.

Ed holds a B.S. in Finance from Suffolk University, and now lives with his family in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he's active in social and community affairs.